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MAT Support Admin Staff posted 6 months ago

This somewhat rare but was a recent diagnosis of my friend. She was have some scar tissue removed for her endometriosis and the doctor thought her appendix did not look right and so he removed it.

Should I refer to appendicitis or sometimes cancer of the appendix leads to colon cancer?

Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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MAT Support Admin Staff replied 6 months ago

Hi Belmer, was your friend told that there was cancer of the appendix or it was inflamed and infected and as a result got removed at the time of endometriosis?
Hi. It was proven to be cancerous. She went on to have part of her colon removed as a preventative measure (and did test that as well which came back clean). Thanks for your help:)
Just a quick answer a I am away on a course. We can look at cancers being the result of gravitation towards resentment. Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. Inflammation is often a condition of repressed anger due to insecurity and dependence on others.. Maybe the person feels trapped, has suppressed emotions. Emotions as always need to be acknowledged and diffused with love and acceptance.
There is work that can be done around all the emotions, needs repressed since childhood, not putting your desires first (ensuing in feeling guilty)…
Endometriosis is linked to how we feel being a woman. Maybe there is a fear of having children, fear around labor… especially as one of the solution for endometriosis to get better and heal is when women have children. We need to look also at ancestral baggage from the female lineage.
Best wishes,
Thank you for your reply. Much appreciation.

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