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MAT Support Admin Staff posted 6 months ago


I’m new to MAT and currently studying level 1. I have an interest in understanding more about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and so purchased the ‘Metaphysical Anatomy’ book. Is it me or is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome not listed? It is referenced under Fibromyalgia as a ‘see’ reference.

Thanks in advance.

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MAT Support Admin Staff replied 6 months ago

Hi Carmela,
Chronic fatigue by itself is a symptom/result of something bigger, which is probably why Evette didn’t expand on it in the book, only in relation to Fibromyalgia.
We would ask if this person also had some medical diagnosis with regards to this and if yes, explore the chapters related to that. If there is no other information to go on, we would recommend intuitive tools available at level 2 to find what is underneath all this. If you’re not continuing your MAT journey at the moment, you can reach out to one of the level 2 practitioners:
This symptom is influencing everyday life completely, what we can therefore recommend with certainty without knowing more about this specific person’s circumstances is exploring the topic of secondary gains.
You can also send this question in to Evette for the next webinar!
Let us know if this helps!
Much love, Eva Zetkova and David Weidemann
Thanks Eva. Your comment was very useful. I will investigate further.
With deepest appreciation
~ Carmela
Hi Carmela,
I’m glad to hear it helps! Just a quick note – I have recently noticed there is already something about Chronic fatigue in the level 1 webinars, maybe that could also direct you in the right way!
All the best, Eva

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MAT Support Admin Staff replied 6 months ago

Evette also made a video about this on her youtube channel at

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