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MAT Support Admin Staff posted 6 months ago

Hello, my Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Vol. 2 book just arrived. I already have vol.1 and Finding Your Own Voice.

I’ve always been interested in improving myself and I came to the understanding that healing the past is extremely important. I have some issues that really motivated me to find answers to what’s going on in my body and I feel it has a lot to do with my past, maybe ancestral. This is kinda embarrassing to me to talk about but there’s no other way.
When I was really young I was extremely shy and I couldn’t stand it. I had many blocks and when I got older, 21 years old I think, I had had no sexual experience and that was bothering me. I had the brilliant idea that maybe if I had sex I would change. So I went with a friend of mine to a whorehouse twice, on the second time the condom blew and I got a fungal infection called Balanitis. The doctor prescribed me some topic cream which didn’t work. I tried different brands but when I stopped using it would come back. I’ve tried many things like Colloidal Silver, Ozone Therapy, Tea Tree Oil and whatever anti fungal substance I could find but none of this worked for me. I believe the infection is either in the urethra or my bladder. But I don’t really know what to do.
I’ve meditated about it and I believe it might have some ancestral roots because my mother has had a fungal infection on her feet for a long time and she also tried many things to fight it but nothing worked.
I’m going to read the book and hope I can find a cure but any extra help would be welcome.
Thank you very much,

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MAT Support Admin Staff replied 6 months ago

Answer from MAT Practitioner Sandrine:
Hi Eduardo, thank you so much for sharing your concerns with all of us. I have been reading your post 3 times now and yes I believe there might be some ancestral issues to resolve here. But as I tune in what comes also to me is that: you did not describe that experience of having sex as either pleasant or not, and it seems that you kind of “put the pressure on yourself” to go there so that you could change. So what comes up is that maybe you are having some emotions connected to guilt and shame -that your body manifests as the condition you describe- that you haven’t explored. If that makes sense to you then maybe it would be time to feel the emotions connected to that first experience and release them. I hope that helps and that I am not confusing you. Best wishes, Sandrine

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