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MAT Support Admin Staff posted 6 months ago

Hi everyone
I’m new here (although not new to yvettes work/books) Do you ever have a symptom that you live with for so long you no longer think about it or it doesnt register anymore? (Not good!!) I’ve been like that with my psoas muscle. It is said that it is the seat of the soul. Its a large muscle that runs down from the kidneys into the groin. When it becomes shortened and tight it is very uncomfortable and restrictive . I’m now having to acknowledge it. It has got to the point where it is so tight it is impeding my walking/also creating sciatica. I’ve had it on and off, for what I thought was about a year (Earlier in the year my leg gave way under me as it was so constricted in the groin area). The stretching exercises recommended don’t appear to be doing anything. I just can’t pinpoint the blocked energy/emotions behind it. Any help would be much appreciated. (I’m suspecting 15 years as a paramedic, the trauma witnessed/unexpressed etc – Also I’ve been ‘stuck’ in an ‘unrequited love’ situation for almost 4 years – When I moved into this property – He lives upstairs. Twin flame nightmare scenario – I’m trying to move to another property)
Any help gratefully received
Love n light

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MAT Support Admin Staff replied 6 months ago

Hello Siobhan,
welcome to the forum!
I can absolutely relate to your feeling of living with something for so long that one almost doesn’t notice it anymore! This is of course often related to patterns that become invisible to us, because we are so deep within them.
I also know that it feels good to understand what exactly is happening. There might however be a sense of “I want to know why is this happening to me”, coming from a sense of injustice about being in the situation. Injustice by itself is very valid emotion and can be taken as a start of an MAT session. My advice to you would be to explore more how do you feel about having this ailment, and the emotions that it’s bringing up.
Anyway, the great thing about using the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique is that it is not necessary to pinpoint what exactly is causing something – we can just focus on what is the stress currently experienced. When working with a practitioner, they can help you go through the numbing to the extent that there is some awareness of the emotions, which can then be released without being named. If you’d like to cooperate with me, feel free to get in touch at eva (at) spiritualcoaching (dot) eu
Hope this helps and all the best to you!
Much love, Eva

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