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Ttrigeminal Neuralgia

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posted 1 year ago

Hi Evette, practitioners and members! Thank you for being here!

I recently talked to a man (from a meditation group I go to) who might be suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, he said he probably “got it” from a dentist who gave him injections in his (jaw area or) mouth.

Now he is on heavy (if that is the correct term) pain killers, and from what he told me I really want to help him to find good help and support. He also said that the pain killers has made him psychotic (I’m not sure how many times or how often).

I have metaphysical anatomy vol 1. And I found this condition on page 686.

It has been a while ago since I read the intro part in this book, so not sure how to use this info and questions in the best way. But will read it again.

I find the situation with the man a bit tricky. What would you guys recommend?

Sincerely from Sweden

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MAT Support Admin Staff replied 1 year ago

Hello Christoffer!
Thank you for joining us here! It’s really kind that you’d like to find help for your acquaintance, I see that you are a very considerate person who cares about the well-being of people around him. What I would recommend doing is firstly establishing how much the other person really wants help. It might be that he genuinely wants to do something about his condition, but it might also be that he just needed to complain and you already gave him all the support he needed in the form of lending an ear and pleasure of your company.
As for how to best use the information from the book – he can read the passage about Neuralgia and see what parts especially resonate with him, and start building more awareness about his behavior patterns and how he interacts with the world. The passage about Pain itself and the questions in the Key Points might also help you pinpoint the emotional roots of why has the issue started.
Reading about the ailment in the book usually makes one more aware of the emotions that are linked to the trauma that is behind it. Ultimately, you would be looking at resolving the trauma that caused the emotional and physical stress that is described there. Metaphysical Anatomy Technique is a really beautiful and gentle process that does exactly that. You can learn the technique yourself at one of the events with Evette Rose or the level 1 teachers, or book a session with an MAT practitioner (list here).
Hope this helps! Much love, Eva

Oh, thank you so much, Eva, for your reply I really appreciate it ❀
You do have very interesting aspects. Yes, I think he needs to be heard and really listened to. As an important part of healing.
What worried me a little bit extra is that the illness is called something like “the suicide disease”… they feel so without help and hope and also with intense pain, that some take their own lives.
But, I will support him somehow and also check out the practitioners list πŸ‘
Volume 1 is worth more than gold. I also have the volume 2 book, but haven’t been reading it yet. Haha… I wanted to go to an event when Evette was in Berlin but I couldn’t at the time. Maybe another time. I will check out the links you added. Might be able to go to London because if I remember correct she will come there next year πŸ‘ I think it would be an interesting path also for me – the MAT
Hug from me!

Hi Christoffer,
I made a video on Facebook answering this question about trigeminal neuralgia. Just go to http://www.facebook.com/metaphysicalanatomy/videos/583796682393534/
I hope I’m able to help.
Please like and follow our Metaphysical Anatomy Fan page for updates http://www.facebook.com/metaphysicalanatomy/
Thank you.

Thanks you so much dear Evette Rose!! β€πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I am very thankful. And so nice you took the time to read my question and answer it in such way πŸ™ many thanks. Will go there and watch the video now

That sounds great, all the best on your journey then! Classes with Evette are super fun, so I can just recommend πŸ™‚ She is indeed going to be in London next year again.
The volume 2 is actually more like a “textbook” for the technique itself, in the sense that it talks about the pillars of the technique and the research behind it. If you love volume 1, you will be really excited by volume 2, when you find more about how fascinating the body’s mechanisms and intelligence are

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